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If you are renovating a house, revamping its exterior, even on a low budget, we can improve its look, and value. But transforming the exterior of a house needs to be done carefully and sympathetically, which is where our expert advice comes in handy.

Our work has been fully tested to always meet Canadian Building Code requirements, and we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of technology.

We are always sourcing innovative and superior products. We understand that the quality of materials is just as important to the success of the project as the workmanship.

How it works?

Before starting your project, our design team will help you evaluate the possibilities for your home or business. Exterior stucco can be applied in a wide range of colours.

Our designers have the skills and experience to enhance  your home with exterior stucco using custom moulds and application techniques. Whether it is newly constructed or a historical landmark, we use only the best equipment and materials available and walk all customers through the design and installation process before work ever begins. we offer a complete range of stucco services for the exterior of your home or business, including design, installation, and repairs. Give us a call today.

We also specialize in full restoration, which uncovers the beauty of the original structure while enhancing it with the latest in exterior stucco coatings.

What is stucco?

Stucco is a material made of aggregates, a binder, and water. Stucco is applied wet and hardens to a very dense solid. It is used as a decorative coating for walls and ceilings, and as a sculptural and artistic material in architecture. Stucco may be used to cover less visually appealing construction materials, such as metal, concrete, cinder block, or clay brick and adobe.

Stucco is flexible and completely waterproof once hardened. Its strength and durability are superior to other materials. While some materials like wood and vinyl can experience rot and mold, stucco doesn’t have those weaknesses. Clean up is as simple as applying water and dishwashing liquid to dirty areas and spraying the surface with clean water.

Exterior stucco is used to cover and protect buildings from natural elements such as extreme temperatures, rain, winds, and more which can lead to damage in other exterior coatings, but stucco easily survives and protects the structures beneath.

Exterior stucco is it can be applied to the entire structure or just to sections, depending on your needs, timeline, or budget.  It can be applied in a variety of colors and textures to blend in with any style or design.

What is stone siding?

Stone houses have a historic legacy that go back hundreds of years. Stone is resistant to rain and doesn’t decompose over time when exposed to the elements and stone homes have always brought a sense of permanency and durability.

Stone siding and stone veneer siding are types of decorative and protective coverings for both exterior and interior walls of a home. Stone siding offers a more natural look to a home’s exterior. Stone siding homes generally tend to be a bit more expensive than similar homes of other types of exteriors.

Originally, most stone siding was manufactured from real stone, sometimes from slabs of flagstone that could be naturally selected without need for being cut. As stone siding gained popularity, some companies began producing natural stone siding that was cut to a standard thickness from quarried stone or fieldstone.

Because of the expense, today stone veneer siding made from other materials is more common. Stone veneer can be made from real stone, but is more often made from cement and natural or artificial pigments or extremely dense polyurethane.

The most obvious advantage associated with real stone siding is that it is the authentic thing. When properly installed and cared for, stone siding will last indefinitely and will give your home the appearance of a Medieval castle built to stand the test of time. Furthermore, it is considered a natural and sustainable building material. Real stone siding can be sourced sustainably, and unlike cement and plastics, it is considered a sustainable source of building material since stone is one of the most abundant materials on earth.

If your stone siding is not properly installed, you can also have issues with cracks that can be hard to repair. If significant cracks do develop and aren’t fixed, moisture can seep into these cracks and cause mold issues that can ruin the structure of your home.